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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Baby Savvy

I have moved into a new life category of becoming an aunty. Those people that don't know me well I am not a great kid person but for some reason they are drawn to me (probably because I am incredibly immature and never take life seriously). But family is different and from the moment I met her this precious princess has and will always hold a great amount of my love. 
These photos were taken hastily as I do not live close to my family. An impromptu shoot done whilst we were supposed to be packing up my mums house. Safe to say not much work got done... sorry mum ;)
She was a good girl and slept most of the time and we escaped with just one little wee. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beach Baby

Last week I had the honours of shooting my sisters maternity photos. After the chaos of all that's been happening lately we had a last minute day off together where we braved the wind and rain (and 2 and a half hr drive) to meet just south of Noosa at beautiful Sunshine Beach. OMG I love beach shoots. Despite the weather they always turn out beautiful. Might just be me and my obsession with the coast.
I have always been jealous of sissypeas photogenics- even when she's about to explode she still photographs like a movie star. Only a couple of weeks to go, can't wait to meet the precious little monster! Hopefully my shutter finger will be fully intact by then (and bendable!). Only another 100 edits to go haha Love you xx  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fraser Coast Lovin...

Hi All,

It has definitely been way way way over the moon and far away way too long since I have been in business and written a blog! 
I can happily say I am finally OUTTA that town and created for myself that once in a lifetime opportunity at a second chance at life and taken a sea change and moved myself to Hervey Bay. 
Now previous to all this it is safe to say my life got drunk, tripped on some rocks and fell flat on its face. Can't live with men can't live without them. One thing I have learnt is if you are not happy with yourself and your life don't be afraid to do something about it. Only you will know the answers to those questions and only you can do something about it. Stop stressing, stop worrying about everyone else because there is always a way to figure out all the rest of the junk in your life but you only get one chance to live it - make sure you are happy in it!
After saving my butt off I have brought myself a little beach house and moved my life 2200kms away from the negatives. Although I have nothing in it (yes I am sitting on the floor right now) it is my little piece of paradise and the most rewarding accomplishment I have achieved financially in my life so far.
Also last month I spent in LA - yes LA! I am way too addicted to travelling. Should not have gone on that trip in my financial state after just buying a house and of course now I am literally scraping the barrel for crumbs - who knew being poor is the easiest way to lose weight? - but shit does happen and there is no way I was giving up that chance. Will probably be a long while until I can go away again. Had a spastically good time - saw a lot of homeless people and very little celebrities... hmmm 
I am now back in the land of reality and desperately in need of employment to pay my bills. Applying for at least ten jobs a day is doing my brains in. You know you've got a great chance (sarcasm) when a recruitment officer tells you someone's gotta die in this town for you to get a job.... About that shooting practice I had in Vegas.... I was pretty accurate....
Time to update my website - halfway through (have almost given up due to stupid programs freezing on me constantly) - get back on the social media cycle - hence this stupid blog about my life which you probably don't care about - and get off my ass and start taking photos.
Can't remember what week I was up to in challenge pics, that's awkward, couldn't even get through one year. I get bored way too easily.
Well I'm off - happy to waste your life for you, it's getting dark and my dog thinks that is my cue to get up and feed her already - or sit here and put up with sharp nails in my face until I do get up..
Hope it stops raining tonight so I can take my unemployed ass off to the beach tomorrow to tan my white skin some - there's got to be a positive in not working.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone with kids - or if you don't have kids, or just anyone, I'd have a drink if I could afford one - just cause it's Sunday.

Ness x

Friday, November 30, 2012

Graphite Update!

So it has come to my attention - through lack of internet access I have not made any posts since the first of August!! How sad am I?
So I will give you all an update on the status of my life and the resuming of Graphite Photography in action this December.
In the last 3 months I have;
*left Townsville and embarked westward to the little"city" of Mt Isa or as the locals call it "The Isa"
*have taken over my gracious cousins house with my entourage for almost two months whilst we looked for our own house - not an easy task on his part - I do beleive he is still finding dog hair after this long, bless him
*have started a new job to pay my bills - yes I am now pouring beers at the local country club - who would've thought?
*have bought a house with my partner and am slowly bringing it out of the 18th century - peach bathroom included - no pun intended, I am serious..
*have been a bridesmaid for my beautiful cousin's wedding
*have travelled to Thailand and rode elephants in the jungle and canoed through sea caves at low tide - alot scarier than it sounds!
*driven the road to Townsville a few thousand times and have seen a lot of scenery and wildlife I probably would not have seen otherwise
*and of course as it is out here, as disgusting as it is, have sweated only a few million litres of sweat however I do not seem to be getting any thinner?
After surviving all these fetes I now have full internet access to bring me back into the world and climb back on the "with it" ladder, as hard as it seems all the way out here..
Very excited to put up the chrissy tree tomorrow and start shrinking the list of photo challenges I've missed so far!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mystical Woodland Fairy

Had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous young-ling and her parents on Monday afternoon. What a beautiful afternoon it was to spend in the beautiful Townsville sunshine!
How cute and magical does her fairy dress look in contrast to these dark figs in the park? 
As any toddler would do in a situation like this, she spent most of the time running between the swings and the slide, but who could resist her cheeky nature and captivating giggling face. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mermaid Magic

Yesterday I created some mythical magic with the invention of my mermaid fantasy. (Sneak Peak ^) Isn't she beautiful? I was a bit worried going into this one wondering if the scales would appear too fake as they are just fabricated with make up however I am so happy with the way they turned out! I also love her jewels which are the mermaid's mirage of barnacles - just a lot prettier ;) Cannot wait to create the retouched images and add some funky backgrounds. My model did a fantastic job, very patient and inspiring x

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Family Love

Thought I would share a shoot I did in Brisvegas last week of a cute little family. One week before turning one, this cheeky mite knew just when we wanted him to smile and did just the opposite. Always fun working with the little ones. Lucky for poor Hamish! (the cat) who put up with her fare share of squeezing and squishing!